Advanced Web Analytics

Without Analytics, how do you know if your marketing is working?

Many people use Google Analytics for their web site.  We make Google Analytics sing and dance.

Google Analytics is powerful. So powerful there’s really no reason to pay for any other web analytics software. But straight out of the box, Google Analytics offers only basic reporting.  We can configure Analytics to work like an enterprise-level application.

Our team can:

  • Define conversion goals.
  • Integrate Analytics with your e-commerce shopping cart.
  • Divide large web sites into channels, each with unique reporting.
  • Create custom dashboards that give each member of your company the data they need at a glance.
  • Create custom reports that pull deep data from Analytics.
  • Analyze visitor flow through your web site to see how it could be improved
  • Run deep-dive analyses that answer complex questions about your traffic.

Solid web analytics are critical for fine-tuning your marketing.  If we can track your visitors, we can optimize your marketing.

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