Web Design

Build a better web site by focusing on usability, messaging and conversion optimization.

Site design

Many web sites fail because they look pretty, but fail achieve their marketing objectives. Our approach is to focus on your goals and your message first, and then create a design around those requirements.

We believe that in a great web site, the design shouldn’t call attention to itself.  Your visitors should be focused on your message, not struggling to figure out where to click.

Our team builds web sites using open source solutions such as WordPress and Magento.  That means we can offer full content management solutions and e-commerce systems at a low development cost.

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Conversion optimization

Every page in your site should be designed to move visitors toward a goal.

We bring 15 years of usability experience to the table. That helps us avoid common web design pitfalls. But we don’t stop there.  People are different, and so no rigid set of design rules works in every environment.  Because of that, we offer advanced A/B testing our clients to find what works best for their unique audience.

Using sophisticated software, we can test multiple versions of your pages in parallel and find which works best. Should the “Contact Us” button be on the left or the right? Should it be red or green?  Testing can tell us, without guesswork.

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