Fast results through SEM. Long-lasting value through SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the quickest way to get search engine traffic to your web site. Once you finalize your keywords, your sponsored listings can be live within a few hours, sending immediate traffic to your web site.

BridgePose has been running SEM campaigns since Google AdWords first appeared. We’ve managed search engine marketing budgets totaling over $1 million per year.

We have a track record of creating winning search engine ads. In fact, we usually double the performance of self-manage advertising campaigns.

We identify niche keywords and follow optimal bidding strategies that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your sponsored listings. Plus, we understand how to write ads that get high click rates from the right kind of buyers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization gives the best lifetime value of your marketing dollar. Your pages can continue to draw search traffic for years after being optimized.

Most web sites perform poorly because they contain built-in barriers that keep search engines from indexing all of their pages or correctly interpreting their content.

SEO/SEM poor site performance

We remove the technological barriers in your site, change the underlying HTML code of your pages, and focus your page text on important keywords.

Much more than just stuffing keywords in meta tags, our SEO work stays abreast of the latest search engine algorithms. Best of all, our work usually requires no significant changes to the design of your web site, getting you results without sacrificing the look-and-feel of your design.

We use only ethical “white hat” optimization tactics that build long-term value.

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